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Tata Motors recently introduced the all-new Tata Punch sub-compact SUV in India. The newly launched Tata Punch starts at ₹5.49 Lakh, ex-showroom Jaipur and goes up to ₹9.39 Lakh ex-showroom Jaipur for the top-spec model with AMT. This beautiful Micro-SUV Tata Punch is available in 4 different variants – Pure, Adventure, Accomplished, Creative. Now that the Punch has been officially unveiled, the Price of top models of Tata Punch.


Tata Punch ‘Pure’ Variant Prices in Jaipur

The Tata Punch’s base variant costs ₹5.49 lakh (manual). The optional ‘RHYTHM’ pack for the PURE model adds a few key amenities such as a four-speaker audio system and audio and Bluetooth controls on the steering wheel. The Pure variant’s pricing increases to ₹5.84 lakh.

Pure MT (PETROL, MANUAL) ₹5.49 Lakh
Pure Rhythm Pack MT (PETROL, MANUAL) ₹5.84 Lakh


Tata Punch ‘Adventure’ Variant Prices in Jaipur

The Tata Punch’s second model is priced at ₹6.39 lakh (MT) and ₹6.99 lakh (AMT). For the Adventure variation, there is also a RHYTHM optional pack. A 7-inch floating touchscreen infotainment system with Carplay and Android Auto is included with this package. The Adventure RHYTHM set costs ₹6.74 lakh (MT) and ₹7.34 lakh (AMT).

Adventure MT (PETROL, MANUAL) ₹6.39 Lakh
Adventure Rhythm Pack MT (PETROL, MANUAL) ₹6.74 Lakh
Adventure AMT  (PETROL, AMT) ₹6.99 Lakh
Adventure Rhythm Pack AMT (PETROL, AMT) ₹7.34 Lakh

Ex-Showroom Price Of Tata 'Punch' In Jaipur


Tata Punch ‘Accomplished’ Variant Prices in Jaipur

The Accomplished model of the Tata Punch comes with a slew of modern features and is priced at ₹7.29 lakh (MT) and ₹7.89 lakh (AMT). The DAZZLE pack is included with the Accomplished variation. Projector headlights, daytime running LEDs, a blacked-out A-pillar, and 16-inch diamond-cut alloy rims are included in the option package. If you choose this, the manual version would cost you ₹7.74 lakh and the AMT version will cost you ₹8.34 lakh.

Accomplished MT (PETROL, MANUAL)

₹7.29 Lakh

Accomplished Dazzle Pack MT (PETROL, MANUAL)

₹7.74 Lakh

Accomplished AMT  (PETROL, AMT)

₹7.89 Lakh

Accomplished Dazzle Pack AMT  (PETROL, AMT)

₹8.34 Lakh


Tata Punch ‘Creative’ Variant Prices in Jaipur

The Tata Punch’s top-of-the-line CREATIVE model comes with additional features and is priced at ₹8.49 Lakh (MT), ₹9.09 Lakh (AMT). The ‘IRA’ option pack adds Tata’s ‘IRA’ linked car technology to the Creative version. This increases the price of the Creative variant to ₹8.79 lakh for the manual and ₹9.39 lakh for the AMT version.

Creative MT (PETROL, MANUAL) ₹8.49 Lakh
Creative IRA Pack MT (PETROL, MANUAL) ₹8.79 Lakh
Creative AMT (PETROL, AMT) ₹9.09 Lakh
Creative IRA Pack AMT (PETROL, AMT) ₹9.39 Lakh


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