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Vehicle Summertime Advice


As soon as summer sets in, it is common for you to look for ways to escape the city and its soaring temperatures. It is a popular season for road trips and long drives to far off places because let’s face it, the heat takes a toll on everyone, including your car. The heat can meddle with your car’s functioning and in unfortunate situations, you may even be left stranded at the side of the road if you don’t prepare your car for the season. 

Here are some pointers to help you maintain your car in peak condition during this intense heat:

Keep an eye on your battery: Although it is a popular misconception that battery issues only occur in the winter, they can also happen frequently in hot temperatures. An internal collapse is typically brought on by the heat and ongoing vibrations. Therefore, to prevent this, make sure your battery is securely fastened before you start your travel in order to reduce vibration. Another issue could be faster battery fluid evaporation, which eventually leads to corrosion, given that it gets hot beneath the hood. The battery life, which typically lasts between three and five years, is another aspect to think about. Have your battery tested by a mechanic if it is older than this.

Check your engine : On typical days, after driving your automobile for a while, you’ll notice that the engine is quite warm. Now picture how much hotter the engine of a car will be as the weather gets warmer. Engine cooling systems are therefore included in order to prevent overheating. Keep in mind to fill the coolant to the appropriate amount and to flush the coolant at regular intervals. In some circumstances, you might need to mix water and coolant in an equal amount to dilute the coolant. If the engine overheats frequently, check for heat-related damage and replace the drive belts and hoses as needed.

Keep an eye on your tires: It is important that your tyres are in good condition during the summer as they are the parts which are in constant touch with the hot roads. Check if your tyres are properly inflated, as under-inflated tyres tend to overheat and lead to a blowout. It is wise to check the pressure at least once a month, preferably when your tyres have not been excessively used.

Check your AC: We’ve all experienced the problem when your home’s air conditioner malfunctions. Imagine doing the same when confined in a car. Your car’s air conditioning system may be among the most crucial things to examine, especially during the summer. It is suggested that you service it every two years or every 40,000 kilometers to keep it in good condition. A properly operating air conditioner can produce cleaner air in addition to cool air. If your air conditioner is properly maintained, it will make sure that you are breathing in clean, fresh air because the air in your car contains dust and other bacteria.

I hope these suggestions will help you be ready for the summer, but just in case, call us on Speed-O-Service, our round-the-clock roadside assistance that strives to offer service with the quickest turnaround time.

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