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Tata Motors Is Targeting Rural Markets

The brand Tata Motors is connected with reliability and cutting-edge technology throughout the automobile industry. But more than this, our extensive lineup of vehicles attests to the fact that we are renowned for our capacity to offer automobiles that are based on the demands and preferences of the Indian public. We have succeeded in building a recall value that is higher than that of our rivals throughout the years. Similarly, if commercial vehicles are mentioned, people immediately think of our brand. We hope to build on this accomplishment by becoming a household name in the passenger automobile market nationwide. As the purchasing power and ambitions of individuals in rural areas rise, we are taking advantage of the possibilities of these markets.

Our passenger cars depart from conventional design in order to present a new appearance that appeals to a younger audience. We hope to expand our footprint in rural areas using this new design concept. We want to do this through a number of measures, including doubling the size of our retail network, developing a solid digital strategy in light of its expanding influence on potential customers, and making product changes.

Currently, an 865-store network serving rural areas generates 35% of all passenger vehicle sales. However, as we can currently only reach 60% of the possible domestic market, this will be raised to 2,000 outlets in the following three years. Additionally, we are advocating for mobile showrooms, service trucks, and sales representatives in rural locations.

Since there is no clear business plan that can guarantee our success, we are now working to find potential car customers. To fully understand a region’s financial capacity, we are engaging regional rural banks for this reason. Farmers with at least five acres of land or those who own tractors are a few examples of those who are taken into account. Another example is a shopkeeper who also works as a local banker, lends on live credit, and maintains his own inventory of goods. Such people would have greater purchasing power and may be persuaded to make purchases. Rural areas with more than a lakh higher secondary government schools are another example of this. Only 2–3% of instructors in these areas have cars. We want to change this since we are sure that consumers will welcome our items extensively.

We are confident that by working together to promote a new digital strategy and open more stores, we will be able to increase sales in the passenger car segment—possibly even higher than those in the urban market.

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